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Heme proteins: Accelerators of the body’s key functions

Naturally, animal body maintains a healthy state through various metabolic functions related to digestion for energy production and regulation of the immune system for healthy functions. Heme proteins possess a diverse range of key functions that accelerate these important functions and regulations in the body; they are also one of the most studied categories of biomolecules.

Heme proteins have diverse biological functions including oxygen transport (via proteins including hemoglobin, myoglobin, neuroglobin, cytochrome P450s, and others), enabling electron transfer (by forming cytochrome b and c of the electron transport chain), and assist the proper functions of the sensory systems (through heme proteins such as FixL, oxygen sensor CoA, and soluble guanylyl cyclase). In addition, the heme protein catalase aids in biological metabolism and defense.

In short, this means that heme proteins, combined with ingested nutrients, work to create the energy needed for animal wellness.

AcceLA®, a primary component of heme protein synthesis

AcceLA contains δ-aminolevulinic acid as its main functional ingredient. It is the first compound in the porphyrin synthesis pathway that leads to heme protein synthesis in mammals and chlorophyll synthesis in plants. AcceLA works to significantly boost the efficacy of heme protein synthesis, activating the entire chain of the healthy growth process.

Benefits of AcceLA®

  • Stimulates iron absorption.
  • Improves growth performance through the activation of energy production, oxygen, and nutrient transfer naturally, without the use of AGPs.
  • Saves significant costs of treatment by the prevention of diseases through accelerating the body’s natural defense systems.

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