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We deliver the value-added solutions of feeding tomorrow
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    animal nutrition company
  • Pathway Intermediates, is the global animal nutrition brand, dedicated to research and development.
  • We believe that the future of animal nutrition lies in the elucidation of critical metabolic pathways and the identification of natural products that can modulate these systems. All of our products are the result of pure science, from which we are able to provide the most optimal and reliable solutions for each customer.
  • with strong R&D capability
  • We deliver our solution with absolute certainty. Pathway’s vast network of global R&D infrastructure enables full-coverage of animal nutrition from molecular biology to industrial level of field trials.
  • Everything we do begins with customer experience. All of our members are always open to new ideas and suggestions from customers. Hundreds of R&D experts within our global network collaborate constantly to develop novel solutions and verify its efficacy.
  • The two pillars of our R&D network, Pathway Research Centre in United Kingdom and Bio-Resource Institute in South Korea conduct diverse research to investigate and develop highly value-added solutions.
  • Pathway Research Centre in United Kingdom focuses on scientific investigation including synthetic and analytical chemistry, genomics, and microbiology. This broad range of research enables us to understand and find solutions at the deepest level of science.
  • Bio-Resource Institute in South Korea conducts research and analysis based on specialized fermentation and microbial technology. Its research expertise has been proven by novel solution development and patents, reinforcing Pathway’s capability and opportunity to meet customer’s need and demand.
  • Verification is an essential part of the R&D process. We continuously validate our solutions through Pathway family's infrastructure, including 10 feed plants, farms with more than 30,000 sows, 135 million marketed birds annually, and beef cattle farms. This allows comprehensive verification of scientific solutions that are truly reliable.
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    • Edward Youngman
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