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Global R&D Network
Pathway Family’s R&D Network is towards
the Right Solutions for Better Animal Nutrition
  • Pathway’s family group operates different independent research facilities with world’s leading technological expertise and competitiveness in their own field. Pathway Research Centre, Bio-Resource Institute and these global R&D network has continued its growth through intimate collaboration.
The Livestock science RD&T Center brings together the top experts of livestock breeding and feed formulation to manage the feed research and development areas in formulation, quality control, and overall research and development processes of the Pathway family group. Through continuous research in Pathway family’s own farms as well as cooperation with external institutions and universities, entire Pathway group have achieved annual feed grade improvement and cost reduction. Livestock Science RD&T Center also evaluates the applications of the feed additive solutions created by Pathway Intermediates.
Optipharm is leading and highly independent animal diagnosis and biomedical research company which is also the member of Pathway family group. It renowned as No.1 biomedical company with the largest market shares in South Korean veterinary diagnosis sector and is increasing its scope of research to more diverse fields of study. Optipharm provides veterinary solutions and diagnostic service as well as research in the diverse industry fields. It also produces miniature pig as pathogen free (DPF) grade and xenotransplantation model and develops recombinant proteins through animal bioreactors. Development of GMO chickens, GFP miniature pigs for organ implementation is another superior research area of Optipharm.
The Central Analysis Laboratory is our strong analytical center of NIR, nutrients and harmful ingredients, microorganisms, and water quality for all Pathway family companies. It has been officially recognized for its quality systems and testing capabilities by obtaining accredited certification KOLAS, whose test results internationally certify the reliability of analytical institutions. In addition, the laboratory has the most advanced analytical equipment and top-level professionals who are in charge of analyzing feed and additives not only within Pathway Intermediates, but in the entire livestock industry in South Korea.
GNC Bioferm, established in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1985, is a specialized enzyme company which partnered with Pathway family group for decades. It produces Non-GMO fungal enzymes for various types of animal diets. Its enzyme is the first to be registered in the EU and every enzyme produced afterwards has been officially registered as well. In addition, manufacturing process of GNC Bioferm is certified GMP/HACCP.