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  • Pathway Intermediates Continues to Support Food Bank Donations
  • 2022-06-23

   Pathway Intermediates continues its regular monthly food bank donation activities in 2022, which started in 2018.
   Pathway Intermediates has been sponsoring simple and healthy instant food such as chicken and duck meat to help underprivileged neighbors in the local community for years, and in May, it delivered more than 100 million won (about US $77,000) worth of sponsored items to Seoul Food Bank, Gyeonggi Food Bank.

   “The economic situation is difficult due to the prolonged COVID-19, but high-quality protein foods should be constantly provided for the health of our neighbors,” said Dr. Stevenson Hwang (CEO, EASY BIO, Inc.)

   Pathway Intermediates promises to continue to strive for the development of the local community and the realization of social values through donation activities.