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  • Pathway Intermediates sponsors the Feedinfo Summit
  • 2021-11-25

   Pathway Intermediates sponsored the Feedinfo Summit, an international conference held by the global livestock industry medium, Feedinfo News Service.
   Feedinfo News Service is an online medium that shares the latest news, price trends, technologies, and research results from the global animal nutrition and feed sector. Starting with the Feed Additives 2017, Feedinfo News Service has continuously held international events to share the latest scientific technology, industrial insight, and trends in the animal nutrition industry.

   The Feedinfo Summit 2021 was held in Geneva, Switzerland for two days beginning October 27th in strict compliance with COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. Leaders of the global livestock industry, including Pathway Intermediates, attended the summit and discussed various topics such as the latest livestock industry technology, industrial strategy in the post-COVID era, plans for infectious animal diseases, and sustainable development strategies.

   Pathway Intermediates promises our active participation in global events to contemplate the future strategy of the livestock industry.