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  • Pathway Intermediates introduced ‘Lipidol Ultra’ at the Nordic Poultry Conference
  • 2021-12-02

    Pathway Intermediates participated in the Nordic Poultry Conference held for three days from November 9th to 11th.
   Following Finland in 2019, the Nordic Poultry Conference 2021, which was held in Norway, was attended by leaders and researchers from the global livestock industry based in Northern Europe. At the conference, they shared the latest research results in all areas, from poultry nutrition and veterinary care to feeding practices needed for the healthy growth of all poultry species and even animal welfare. They also actively discussed the present and future of the poultry industry.

    Pathway Intermediates has worked closely to provide sustainable feed additive solutions to Europe and has successfully promoted major products such as Lipidol Ultra (The First Absorption Accelerator), with a partner who officially sponsored the conference. Lipidol Ultra is a feed additive solution that can contribute to enhancing animal performance and the improvement of farmers’ profits by increasing the nutrient absorption of poultry and other animal species.

   Pathway Intermediates will continue to participate in global academic events to discuss the latest research results applicable to the future livestock industry and provide feed additive solutions suitable for each animal species and market.