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  • Pathway Intermediates Files an International Patent Application for the New Product ‘ThermoRex’
  • 2021-10-20

   Pathway Intermediates filed an international patent application for the new product ‘ThermoRex’ in September 2021.
  ThermoRex is a high-quality functional feed additive solution developed by Pathway Intermediates, which effectively relieves animal stress through its unique fermented materials, thereby contributing to the improvement of animal productivity and welfare. Since its first launch in 2020, ThermoRex has created a sensation as a new concept, a stress reduction one-stop solution in the global livestock industry.
  Through the international patent application under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), Pathway Intermediates expects to secure exclusive rights in the global market and accelerate overseas registration and sales of ThermoRex, a technological resource developed at the global-level Pathway research facility.

   Pathway Intermediates promises to strengthen its technological competitiveness in the global livestock industry through continuous research and development.