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  • Pathway Intermediates Increases Product Verification Trials to Promote Its Global Business
  • 2021-03-17

    Pathway Intermediates is accelerating to promote international sales and develop new products by increasing product verification trials in livestock animals in 2021.
   Feeding trials investigate the livestock feeds and additive solutions in various animal species such as ruminant, swine, poultry, and aquaculture. Trials are conducted in specialized animal research facilities or farms with similar scale and environment to the actual livestock industry. These data can be used as evidence to prove product efficacy.
   Pathway has continued to conduct verification trials at its own EASY Animal Research Center (EARC), the largest animal research facility in Asia, and other research institutes and universities both at home and abroad, as well as commercial farms. These feeding trials have been the key to an increase in sales by verifying the effectiveness of its new and flagship products and securing customer trust.

   Pathway has been conducting more than 20 verification trials per year on average in order to offer reliable solutions to customers. In 2021, Pathway plans to conduct a total of 46 trials on various livestock species, up 28% from the previous year, while also increasing the rate of international trials to expand its base in the global market.

   Dr. Stevenson Hwang (CEO, Pathway Intermediates) said, “The health and safety of animals are directly related to livestock products and the safety of humans. As such, feed additive solutions supplemented for livestock animals should be investigated through a scientific verification process.” He added that, “Pathway’s series of large-scale trials will secure our partners’ trust and enable us to provide innovative solutions to more customers than ever before.”

    Pathway Intermediates promises to offer reliable solutions via continuous research and development and the ongoing verification of products.