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  • Pathway Intermediates Publishes the Research Result of Lipidol Ultra in the Academic Journal
  • 2021-03-31

    Pathway Intermediates confirmed Lipidol Ultra’s efficacy on cows through joint research with Pusan National University, South Korea.
   Cows are the primary protein source for humanity, producing 20% of the world’s meat. They also supply dairy products containing essential nutrients such as amino acids, calcium, phosphorous, and vitamins. Unlike other animals in the livestock industry, cows have a unique digestive system called “rumen.” Therefore, in-depth research is necessary considering ruminants’ unique characteristics when developing their feed or feed additives.
   Pathway Intermediates, in joint research with the Pusan National University, confirmed the effect of Lipidol Ultra, a premium nutrient absorption accelerator, on cows. Dr. Eric Kwon from Pathway Intermediates (International Sales Division Director · General Manager at Pathway Intermediates USA LLC), who participated in the research, said, “there are numerous microorganisms in the rumen that play an important role in the digestion of ruminant.” He added, “we have found the positive impact of Lipidol Ultra on the ruminal microbial environment.”

   Furthermore, from the research, the researchers came to understand how Lipidol Ultra works in the rumen more in-depth and expects that Lipidol Ultra could be applied more widely in the global livestock industry based on this scientific finding.

   This study was published in the AJAS (Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Science), an SCI-level international journal of animal science, in October 2020.

    Pathway Intermediates promises to provide reliable solutions through continuous research activities.