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  • Pathway Intermediates Reinforces Sustainable Management with the Launch of the ESG Committee
  • 2021-03-31

    Pathway Intermediates announced that it has set out to build a sustainable ESG management system with the launch of the ESG Committee.
   ESG is a concept that includes elements of the Environment, Social, and Governance that can impact the company’s executive ability and value. Taking a further step from evaluating the company with its financial performance, ESG enables the evaluating company based on its social contribution, sustainability, and governance improvement. In recent years, ESG management's importance is being acknowledged more with the spread of management and responsible investment theory that sustainability beyond the pursuit of profit for its survival and growth must be secured.
   Pathway Intermediates has been practicing ESG management in various ways, including introducing eco-friendly raw materials, developing GHG-reducing products, and preparing safety management programs to establish itself as a sustainable leader in the livestock industry. Pathway plans to enhance ESG management by launching the ESG Committee directly under the CEO's control in 2021. The chairman of Pathway’s ESG Committee is Dr. Stevenson Hwang (CEO, Pathway Intermediates), and with five key executives, planning on executing ESG standards and policies in various fields such as environmental protection, social contribution, and governance.

   Pathway Intermediates promises to continue its efforts for the development of the sustainable animal industry.