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  • Pathway Intermediates Accelerates Entry into International Livestock Markets by Completing Product Registration
  • 2021-05-06

    Pathway Intermediates has recently completed product registration in five countries, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Chile, and Egypt, and is accelerating overseas exports.
   Pathway Intermediates recognized the high growth potential in Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Philippines, etc., based on a population of 4.5 billion, and opened branches in those countries. In addition, Pathway Intermediates has also continued to develop new markets and export to the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.
   In order to continuously develop new markets in 2021, Pathway Intermediates has completed new registrations for Pathway’s feed additive solutions in 5 countries: China, Vietnam, Philippines, Chile, and Egypt. Registered products are Lipidol Ultra (The First Absorption Accelerator), Endo-Power Beta (Powerful Digestion Accelerator), Genikan (High Quality Yeast Culture for Gastrointestinal Health), YeaMune-UP (Immune Accelerator), ProBe-Bac PE and ProBe-Bac SE (Probiotics for High Performance and Safety). These 6 types of feed additive products have been proven in both domestic and overseas markets. Additionally, Pathway Intermediates has secured business stability in 3 existing countries by completing renewal registration and re-registration for 5 feed additive products.

   Pathway Intermediates is expected to accelerate growth in the global animal industry by achieving product diversification and successfully launching new products through product registration and renewal.

   Pathway Intermediates will continue to promote Pathway’s innovative solutions in the global market.