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  • Pathway Intermediates September 2020 LIFE & SCIENCE Webinar Series
  • 2020-09-08



   Pathway Intermediates LIFE & SCIENCE webinar series continues in September 2020, with the aim to share values throughout the food animal industry. The webinar series will bring insight and knowledge from livestock, poultry and aquaculture nutrition to how we can manage our lives amid COVID-19. Recent updates on how Pathway has worked to bring science-based ingredients for feeding the world tomorrow will also be covered. Pathway LIFE & SCIENCE webinar series will feature expert speakers from academic and industrial field in United Kingdom and South Korea.
   Join us and discover up-to-date knowledge insight in food animal industry.

Pathway LIFE & SCIENCE webinar #3: AQUA SCHOOL Ⅱ - Shrimp nutrition
Date: September 15th Tuesday, 16:00-18:00 GMT +9

Professor Simon Davies (Harper Adams University), the world-renowned fish nutritionist’ Aqua School is coming back with the basics of shrimp nutrition. Shrimp aquaculture is one of the fastest growing animal food producing industry while continued to be challenged by disease and climate change. In order to combat disease and increase sustainability in shrimp farming, understanding physiological characteristics of shrimp nutrition is needed.


Speaker Info

   Professor Simon Davies 

   Harper Adams University, United Kingdom


   Professor Simon Davies is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biological Sciences and has published more than 180 papers. He is a world-renowned fish nutritionist and has supervised 32 Ph.D and 350 M.Sc students.  

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Date: September 22nd Tuesday, 16:00-18:00 GMT +9

Demand on sustainability of ruminant production has rapidly increased in order to create and maintain the earth where humans and every organism can exist in harmony. For the better sustainability of cattle production, reducing environmental impact is needed, which can be achieved by precision feeding. Professor Terry Seo (Chungnam National University) will give a general overview on rumen modeling with precision feeding toward sustainable cattle production.

Speaker Info

   Professor Terry Seo

   Chungnam National University, South Korea


   Professor Terry (Seoungwon) Seo is the chair of program committee of Korean Socienty for Animal Science and Technology and statistics editor of Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Science. He is world-renowned ruminant nutritionist and has published more than 70 papers. 

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