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  • Pathway Intermediates October 2020 LIFE & SCIENCE Webinar Series
  • 2020-10-14




   Pathway Intermediates LIFE & SCIENCE webinar series continues in October 2020, with the aim to share values throughout the food animal industry. The webinar series will bring insight and knowledge from livestock, poultry and aquaculture nutrition to how we can manage our lives amid COVID-19. Recent updates on how Pathway has worked to bring science-based ingredients for feeding the world tomorrow will also be covered. Pathway LIFE & SCIENCE webinar series will feature expert speakers from academic and industrial field in United Kingdom and USA.
   Join us and discover up-to-date knowledge insight in food animal industry.

Pathway LIFE & SCIENCE webinar #5: Practical approaches for reducing formula costs
Date: October 22nd Thursday, 11:00 GMT+9 

Global warming and climate change are not only affecting daily life, but also threatening Agri-livestock industry. Recent floods or drought has slowed and disrupted major corn and soybean producing countries, contributing to increase in future feed prices. Dr. Daniel Sohn (Sohn Marketing & Technology LLC) will discuss practical and effective approaches for reducing feed costs.


Speaker Info

   Dr. Daniel Sohn

   Sohn Marketing & Technology LLC, United States 


   Dr. Daniel Sohn is a chief consultant at Sohn Marketing & Technology LLC. He has been in the livestock industry for more than 30 years as an consultant and technical reviewer on poultry and swine nutrition, farm management, feed formulation, marketing and training.

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Pathway LIFE & SCIENCE webinar #6: Understanding the GI Microbiome
Date: October 29th Thursday, 16:00 GMT +9
The gut microbiome is thought to play important role in the animals’ growth and health. Its dynamic environment is made up of billions and billions of microorganisms and well balanced and healthy microbiome can enhance livestock productivity and the first step of this strategy is to understand and evaluate the microbiome. Dr. Sarah Berry (Pathway Intermediates) will discuss the recent developments at Pathway Research Centre with emphasis on microbiome sequencing. 

Speaker Info

   Dr. Sarah Berry

   Head of Research, Pathway Intermediates, United Kingdom 


   Dr. Sarah Berry is Head of Research at Pathway Intermediates Limited. She has led a number of research projects at Pathway Research Centre with expertise in Proteomics and Metagenomics to develop the value-added solutions of feeding tomorrow.

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