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  • Pathway Intermediates Accelerates Entry into China’s Livestock Market
  • 2020-12-04

   China is the greatest producer and consumer in the global livestock market with a strong growth potential of what is already approximately 290 billion USD in market size.
Pathway Intermediates completed the registration of 4 products this year to bring better value to the Chinese market. Fortifying pre-existing product line-up of ‘Endo-Power’, a powerful digestion accelerator, and ‘Lipidol’, an absorption accelerator, products such as ’Yeasture’, high-quality yeast product, ‘ProBe-Bac’, bacteriophage product, and ‘YeaMune-UP’, functional immunity enhancer product are now ready for sales Pathway Intermediates expects to grow its presence in the Chinese market.

   Prior to this, Pathway Intermediates have already completed the registration of 6 products in Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam in the first half of 2020.

   Pathway Intermediates will continue its efforts to offer customers the best solutions suitable for global trends.