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  • Pathway Intermediates Introduced the PROPER Solution to AGP Alternatives
  • 2020-06-09



Pathway Intermediates and Optipharm hosted a webinar for customers while the worldwide lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis is continuing. 
The webinar was held under the theme, “The PROPER solution to AGP alternatives”, providing a novel approach to control selected disease in the livestock industry without the threat of antibiotic resistance. Dr. Hyunil Kim (CEO, Optipharm) demonstrated the severity of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and Dr. Youngju Kim, (Bacteriophage specialist, Optipharm) introduced ProBe-Bac as a solution beyond pathogen control.

While the use of antibiotics in livestock animals prevented disease and showed growth-promoting effect, it also caused severe antibiotic resistance problems. In order to solve these problems, a new solution that can directly combat antibiotic resistant bacteria is needed. Bacteriophage which is a microoganism that selectively kills bacteria in a species-specific manners could be the answer as it shows promising effects without causing antibiotic resistance problems. 

ProBe-Bac, the new bacteriophage product was co-developed by Optipharm and Pathway Intermediates. Based on experiences in the global animal nutrition market and cutting-edge R&D infrastructure of Pathway and Optipharm, ProBe-Bac controls various diseases that are prevalent in the livestock industry.

Dr. Youngju Kim said “Our new solution contains lytic bacteriophages which entirely destroy their target bacteria”, explaining how ProBe-Bac tackles down selected pathogens while not leaving a chance to occur the resistance. She also emphasized that ProBe-Bac is created based on the real-time upgrade system, reflecting significant disease outbreak in farms. Dr. Stevenson Hwang (CEO, Pathway Intermediates) said “Although global crisis is continuing, we have to seek the value-added solutions of feeding tomorrow. It is very grateful to have time to being connected with our partners and introduce our new solution.” 
ProBe-Bac is the latest bacteriophage solutions and currently available for poultry as ProBe-Bac PE and swine for ProBe-Bac SE. All products are marketed and sold by Pathway Intermediates in the global markets.