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  • Pathway Intermediates Announced as a New Global Feed Additive Brand
  • 2019-01-24

Pathway Intermediates is now the new global animal nutrition brand operated by EASY BIO, dedicated to research and development.


The future of animal nutrition lies in the elucidation of critical metabolic pathways and the identification of natural products that can modulate these systems. All Pathway products are the result of pure science, from which the most optimal and reliable solutions can be provided to each customers.

All solutions should be delivered with absolute certainty. Pathway’s vast network of global R&D infrastructure enables full-coverage of animal nutrition from molecular biology to industrial level field trials. Because everything begins with customer experience, all Pathway members are always open to new ideas and suggestions from customers. Hundreds of R&D experts within Pathway’s global network collaborate constantly to develop novel solutions and verify its efficacy.

Pathway Intermediates aims to deliver the value-added solutions to customers, powered by the science of feeding tomorrow.