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  • Pathway Intermediates Brings its Brand-New Image
  • 2018-08-30

Pathway Intermediates Limited (Pathway) is a subsidiary of EASY BIO, Inc. in United Kingdom established in 2001. The name was originally chosen based on the focus of research in chemical pathways within cells, and envisioned that the company would produce small amounts of bespoke intermediate chemicals.


Pathway’s mission is to use the latest technology available to develop and provide innovative, novel, and ideal solutions to the bioscience industry with emphasis on animal health. With long history of success in the industry, today, Pathway is pleased to introduce its brand-new image with the slogan, The Science of Feeding Tomorrow. This new update represents Pathway as a research dedicated company whom works for, contributes to, and cares about the future generations in every aspect. Pathway believes that effective feed additives are the key players for reducing global needs for antibiotics and reducing negative environmental impacts.


Marked by its new image, Pathway Intermediates is already to embark on its new journey with strong efforts to provide better solutions for a better tomorrow.