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  • Pathway Intermediates Hosted 5th Solution Creation University
  • 2019-03-22


Pathway Intermediates hosted the 5th Solution Creation University (SCU) on March 12th with global members from South Korea, Bangladesh, UK, China and Thailand.

The 5th SCU was the first SCU to be held since Pathway Intermediates was launched with the integration of the global feed additive brand, to establish a consistent brand identity among Pathway members.



First, Dr. Stevenson Hwang, CEO of Pathway Intermediates, shared the slogan, mission, identity, and core value of Pathway Intermediates at SCU. In addition, by presenting the future vision of Pathway, all the Pathways members were able to share their brand value with their firm beliefs.

Next, Edward Youngman, COO of Pathways Intermediates Limited in the UK, introduced the birth and footsteps of Pathway Intermediates and shared a deep brand story with Pathway members.

Finally, Sohee Son, Team Lead of EASY BIO Design Team, presented the importance of branding and provided Pathway brand identity guidelines. The importance and principle of delivering a consistent brand message was stressed in this presentation by various examples. 


Pathway members strengthened their understanding of the brand through the 5th SCU, and we were able to actively implement branding and advertising Pathway at the VIV Asia 2019 and related  events. We pledged to strengthen our brand power by continuing the implementation of branding Pathway.

Dr. Stevenson Hwang emphasized that "we were able to share the story and vision of the brand together", stating that Pathway Intermediates should continue to work with the customers based on its core values shared through SCU.

Solution Creation University is a customized educational program for Pathway members, held every year since 2016, and plays a key role in strengthening the ability of employees and enhancing their sense of belonging. Pathway promises to continue to develop various programs to develop future solutions and share value.