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  • Pathway Intermediates, Great Success in VIV ASIA 2019
  • 2019-03-25


Pathway Intermediates participated in VIV Asia 2019 which is the biggest livestock exhibition in Asia.

This exhibition was held in Bangkok, Thailand for three days from March 13th, with 1,245 companies from 62 countries. More than 40,000 participants from all over the world attended this event. Pathway exhibited its largest booth ever, continuing its efforts to promote its research capabilities and products throughout the exhibition period.



On the second day of the exhibition, technical seminar was held under the theme, “The Science of Feeding Tomorrow”. Dr. Jacqueline Tickle (Head of research, Pathway Intermediates Limited, UK), Dr. Hyunil Kim (CTO, Optipharm, KR), and Dr. Hanbae Lee (Research and Technology Team Lead, Pathway Intermediates, KR) were invited as speakers. Through this seminar, we introduced Pathway's research capability and the latest technology and successfully promoted the new bacteriophage product 'ProBe-Bac' and the flagship product 'Lipidol'. Technical seminar was concluded with great interest and enthusiasm.

Distributor Meeting
Pathway held an event for distributors at The Athenee Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand on March 12th, the day before the exhibition of VIV Asia 2019. The event was held on the theme of "Delivering the Value-Added Solutions of Feeding Tomorrow". Eighteen distributors from 13 countries attended the meeting.
Pathway has shared the vision of Pathway Intermediates, an integrated brand of feed additives launched in 2019, to global partners and promised to continue to grow together in the future. At the same time, Pathway introduced the trends in the world livestock industry and the possibilities of new alternative proteins and presented marketing strategies and solutions for its flagship products, Endo-Power and Lipidol.
Through this meeting, all participants not only strengthened the relationships with Pathway, but also inspired a sense of belonging as a partner of the new brand of Pathway.
Pathway has served business meetings during VIV Asia 2019 with the existing distributors, and also actively advertised the new brand of Pathway to discover new distributors and customers.
In addition, the introduction video of Pathway Intermediates, created in 2019, was screened at the booth, informing potential customers from all over the world about the Pathway brand and its strengths.
Pathway will further expand its market share in the global livestock industry with a new brand 'Pathway Intermediates'.