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Our Vision
We firmly believe that the future of animal feed additives lies in precision solutions. With more target specific products, we can improve animal nutrition with lower inclusion levels. This leads to cost-savings for producers, while successfully reducing the use of antibiotics, and increases the safety for people, animals and the environment.
Our Mission
We deliver the value-added solution of feeding tomorrow


Pathway Intermediates and its family group have decades of experience in the biotechnology and livestock industry. Every member of the Pathway Intermediates family is continuously expanding their respective businesses in areas such as feed, farming, scientific research, and food processing.

As a result, Pathway family has now grown to hold more than 40 affiliates, generating a total of 2 billion USD in annual turnover. We are committed to share our quality values with both the farmers and our consumers, and take pride in providing our utmost confident solutions.

Every solution must go through numerous steps to be introduced into the market. In research and analysis centers spread across the globe in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and South Korea, we test our products with chemical, biological, nutritional, and veterinary science. Actual effect on animals is then verified through research and commercial farms with capacity of more than 135 million broilers and 30,000 sows. Products are also applied and tested in different feeds at 10 feed plants. Every one of our products is thoroughly evaluated through these internal verification procedures – this is why we are confident when we provide solutions to our customers.

Quality Management

E:qual system, Pathway’s quality management program covers all raw materials and entire manufacturing process. This strict process continues on when products leave our production site, delivered to the world and end its shelf life. With this comprehensive tracking process, we are able to provide all worldwide customers with consistent, high quality and effective products.

Our high standard of quality management is not only for Pathway Intermediates, but all Pathway family follow identical standard for seamless quality control. This integrated culture on QA/AC makes all feed additives, feed and food products with consistent quality.

Research & Development

Pathway’s every R&D activities are started from listening from customer and do not stop until we found certainty to customers as well as ourselves.

To find certainty in our solution, we actively explore through our own R&D network which covers from pure science to actual farm application. Every metabolic, functional, biochemical pathway of our active ingredient revealed through our own and collaborated work with top universities and research institutes around the world.