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Pathway R&D Center
R&D is the Foundation of
Our Products
  • We deliver our solutions with absolute certainty. This is achieved by Pathway’s global R&D network which covers wide range of animal nutrition from pure science to field application trials.

    Pathway Intermediates investigates every solution into its deepest levels with experts in chemistry, genomics, microbiology, and fermentation technology as well as animal nutrition. Developed from the process of fundamental science, we not only examine the efficacy of the product itself, but also care when it goes into feed, animals, and human.
  • All Pathway members are always trying to listen and understand our customers. Based on this, hundreds of R&D experts in Pathway Intermediates and our family companies are continuously collaborating to develop and verify the solutions jointed with international universities and research institutes.

    As a center of R&D network, Pathway Research Centre in United Kingdom and Bio-Resource Institute in South Korea conduct diverse research to investigate and develop highly value-added solutions.

Pathway Research Centre


Our research centre possesses the technologies and professional capabilities to research and develop novel solutions. In-depth research and understanding of the underlying biology and chemistry forms the foundation for all our animal nutrition products. With continuous investment in our laboratory, Pathway exploits its expertise in both science and the latest technology available throughout its new product development.

  • Chemistry
  • Chemical synthesis is a critical part of the work in the R&D labs. Researchers are performing both fundamental and applied research in chemical synthesis across a broad range of areas; including, but not limited to, novel signaling chemicals. Such signaling chemicals can promote significant health benefits when added to animal feed.
  • Genomics
  • Research in transcriptomics, GMO screening and bespoke proteins enables us to understand every ingredient at the molecular and genomic levels. Pathway Intermediates has the expertise to discover hidden beneficial functionalities, develop novel feed additive solutions and produce them at an industrial scale.
  • Microbiology
  • Expertise in microbiology includes real-time measurement of microbiome and optimizing fermentation technology. In turn we aim to examine the effect of various molecules on the expression and growth characteristics of gut microflora.

Bio-Resource Institute


Our Bio-Resource Institute focuses on the technologies and resources to discover new materials and develop products for sustainability. Advanced research capabilities specialized in the areas of fermentation, microbiology, biochemistry, environmental engineering and genetic engineering are the flywheel of our research. Core technologies were secured through continuous investment and revitalization of research network.

  • Industrial fermentation
  • Industrial fermentation is a critical part of our product development. Researchers use both fundamental and applied sciences to secure technology for the mass production of high value-added fermentation material.
  • Industrial microbiology
  • Whether used as directly fed probiotics or applied as producing agents for various products including multi-enzymes, our deep understanding of microbiology allows us to discover and optimize value-added solutions. We evaluate and select the most ideal microorganisms that are industrially applicable for different needs.
  • Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology involves the use of biological system and living organism to develop new products for industrial purposes. We conduct studies for new material development by using genetic engineering technologies on selected microorganisms.
  • Artificial fermentation technology
  • Powerful in vitro model to simulate conditions of the gastro-intestinal tract and the rumen, a dynamic artificial gastrointestinal system (DAGS). This system is successfully used to study the effects of various feeds and feed additives before performing in vivo experiment. This system gives accurate and reproducible results in a quick and cost-effective way.
  • Efficacy assessment system
  • We have various evaluation systems for feed and feed additives. A systematic technology based on biotechnology and biochemistry was developed to accurately assess and differentiate the exact values of raw materials and products, thereby providing information for effective utilization of such raw materials and products for the sake of our customers and us. This technology allows the evaluation of a large variety of products, including enzymes, probiotics, antibiotic substitutes, etc.